Fruitful Rescue Centre is a home, school and refuge for orphans and other needy children in Kibera, Nairobi. 


Our Beginning

Fruitful began in 2007 when founder ShoSho ("grandmother" in Kikuyu) began taking local orphans of Kenya’s post-election violence into her home. Kibera was particularly affected with many killed and others fleeing due to tribal tensions, leaving many children without parents or a home.

“Many mothers died in our community [in the post-election violence]. After I began taking the children in, the local chiefs would bring more every day.”



Our work

Today, 30 children live at Fruitful full-time, aged between 8 months and 18 years old. Many of the original children have been reunited with family elsewhere in Kenya (a pain-staking process). New children who have been orphaned or abandoned continue to join regularly, often referred to ShoSho by local community leaders.

Fruitful also serves children in the wider community (including child-led families), providing daycare and a primary school, supporting children in high school, serving meals, and coordinating other activities like acrobatics. Fruitful’s children represent diverse ethnic backgrounds – children from Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Meru, Nandi and other tribes all live together. Learn about our work →


children living at Fruitful at any one time (>80 have been reunited with relatives)


children in Fruitful's daycare and primary school


children in secondary school currently being supported by Fruitful


Get Involved

Fruitful operates on a small budget – its largest expenses are feeding the children and paying secondary school fees. You can support by:

  • Donating to ensure ShoSho and Beatrice have sufficient funds for health care for the children, educational expenses, food and other needs.

  • Buying the beautiful handicrafts that ShoSho makes.

  • Volunteering in person.

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