Meet some of the children who live, study, and play at Fruitful.

Favour, age 7

Favour has lived at Fruitful his whole life. His favourite subject is Maths. He also likes to write stories and to read books.

Joy, age 9

Joy came to Fruitful after her mother disappeared. Her favourite school subject is English. She likes to play football in free time.

Mary, age 9

Mary came to Fruitful as an orphan. Before she came to Fruitful, she was living alone and just getting enough to eat was a challenge. In school, she likes to study maths. Mary dreams of being a fashion designer when she grows up. 

Sarah, age 18

Sarah came to Fruitful at the age of 10, after her father abandoned their family and her mother was unable to care for her. With Fruitful's support, Sarah completed secondary school at a boarding school in Migori County. Sarah is currently supporting ShoSho and Beatrice at Fruitful, and hopes to become a teacher in the future.